25% Sale

At John Tweed we are normally not in favour of having big sales with big discounts, as our goal is to have our prices low all year round, in comparison to other brands who put their prices up to reduce them during sales time twice a year.

However, saying that, strange times call for strange measures!

Since we closed our stores halfway through the spring season, we have a lot of product that we won't be able to have on the shop floor when we re-open in summer. This, combined with the fact that our summer stock was ordered months before the start of COVID-19, means we have a level of responsibility to honour orders we made with manufacturers, as we predominantly deal with small, independent, family-run factories in Portugal.

As a result, we have stock that we would love to sell before we re-open. As an incentive we are offering a minimum of 25% off all products between now and the re-opening of our store, whenever that may be. This, combined with our already very low prices and free shipping, makes it probably the best value clothing you will ever buy. Sizes are limited in some products so don't hang around!

There is no discount code involved, all products are clearly marked down by a minimum of 25%. You can flick through our collections by accessing the main menu at the top of the page or you can view all products here.